Utilities Grounding & Deenergization Program - ISNetworld RAVS Section - US

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Utilities Grounding & Deenergization Program - ISNetworld RAVS Section - US

This Utilities Grounding & Deenergization Program (ISNetworld® RAVS®* Section), in addition to being a complete and functioning written safety program (chapter), it also contains all the required text elements that are sought by the ISNetworld RAVS® (Review And Verification Service) reviewer. This plan has been previously submitted and has achieved a 100% approval rating for our clients.


  • All programs are guaranteed now and in the future to achieve 100% approval. 
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  • Utilities Grounding & Deenergization Program:
  • Approximate Word Count: 3,005
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  • Page Reference Answers to RAVS Reviewer’s Questions: 6


 You will also receive instructions for a simple two-step process to place your company name and safety person's name throughout this word document to conform it to your company. Please review, and feel free to alter or add to it as you wish with any specific company information or safety policies that you may already have.

The first two pages of the document are guidelines for conforming this safety manual section, an index for completing the RAVS® questionnaire (with all page references), and uploading the section.

If you experience any difficulty filling out the questionnaire, or have any questions in general about these documents, call 314-570-0072, or e-mail me at vsunshine1@gmail.com.

An excerpt from ISNetworld® RAVS®* Safety plan Utilities Grounding & Deenergization Program

Working on or Around Exposed Powerlines

Proper clearances shall be maintained under and around energized exposed wiring. For wiring 300V and below, the clearance distance for unqualified workers is 3 ft. For overhead lines under 50,000 volts, the minimum clearance is 10ft. around the conductors, or 4ft. when driving under lines for unqualified workers. The lines shall be deenergized and grounded or other protective measures shall be provided before work is started if the worker has to be closer than the above clearance. Since Replace with Company Name does not perform work necessitating qualified electrical workers, it is the policy of Replace with Company Name that the clearances noted above applies to all Replace with Company Name workers.

Working with Energized Equipment

This section contains safety requirements that must be met in constructing electrical equipment and in working on energized electrical equipment. Special emphasis is placed on problems associated with personnel working on hazardous electrical equipment in an energized condition. Such work is permissible, but only after extensive effort to perform the necessary tasks with the equipment in a securely de-energized condition has proven unsuccessful, or if the equipment is so enclosed and protected that contact with hazardous voltages is essentially impossible. Also, special care shall be taken when working with conductive materials and equipment such as long dimensional conductor objects (ducts or pipes). Employees who handle may be working with such objects shall work with the RSO, Replace with Safety Person’s Name, to determine if any additional steps for safe work practices need to be taken.