Have us submit your RAVS® Sections for you!  
We can upload/ submit our RAVS® Sections to the ISNetworld® site for an additional unit cost to the download price (see below) 

To perform this action, we will need the following:
•Written permission from you (typ. by e-mail) to act as your agent with ISNetworld®
•Company logo (if any) to place on our RAVS® Section cover page
•Company name as you want it to appear throughout the section
•Name of person in charge of safety overall for the company 
•Username and Password to access the ISNetworld® site (you may wish to assign a temporary U/N & P/W during our work)

Actions that we will perform on your behalf (typ. 1-2 working days):
•Conform our Section(s) to reflect your company name, safety person's name and logo
•Log onto the RAVS® area of ISNetworld® and answer the questionnaire (all questions are answered "Yes")
•Convert your conformed Section(s) to Adobe™ .PDF file format and upload to the RAVS area
•When complete, officially ask for a Review - (you will be notified by e-mail)

Cost is based on a per section unit price in addition to the download price.  Pricing is based on the following sliding scale:
•3 or less sections:         $ 40.00 per section
•4-8 sections:                 $ 30.00 per section
•9-15 sections:               $ 25.00 per section
•16 or more sections:     $ 20.00 per section

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