Message from Vic Sunshine, President of Sunshine Safety Services, LLC

Hello, since it's likely you don't know me, perhaps the first question you may have is, "Why should I trust my safety programs and training to Sunshine Safety Services?".

The answer: I'm simply the best qualified person for the job, and here's why:

My specialty is construction safety

Most safety professionals start with a degree in Industrial Hygiene, and/or come up the ranks through what is called "General Industry". These people learn OSHA's General Industry regulations (Code of Federal Regulations 1910), but know little to none of OSHA's Construction Industry regulations (Code of Federal Regulations 1926) - the regulations that are applied to jobsites. You'll find 95% of safety mailings, training dates, videos, etc. devoted to General Industry. So where can you go to find someone who knows the Construction Industry? Right here where I perform construction safety training & programs - for contractors and their associations.

What if my business is GENERAL INDUSTRY and not construction?

While it's true that I specialize in construction safety, there are many areas of safety training that overlap with General Industry, such as scaffolding, fall protection ,excavations, forklifts and aerial lifts, confined spaces, hazmat, and more. In fact, I have more experience in solving the unusual situations experienced by construction crews in plant areas than you're likely to find. This results in a better, fuller foundation to work from.

I have the experience

I've spent my entire life in construction of all types, residential, commercial, and industrial - inside and out in the field. My earliest days were spent helping my father in the late 50's & early 60's tear down residences for the materials, then helping him as a remodeling contractor in the late 60's. I started full time in contracting in 1973, and worked in all phases of the construction industry until retiring from my construction company in 1994.  By then, I had started a construction safety company, and have been in construction safety ever since.

I have the safety expertise

After "doing it all" in construction, I retired from the day-to-day construction business in 1994 to pursue what I felt was an obligation - to use my teaching skills to help and protect fellow contractors and workers from costly accidents, confusion over regulations, and from unjust OSHA targeting. In 1990, I started reviewing my own safety policies and procedures for my construction company after a particularly unjustified OSHA inspection. I was surprised to find that safety information specific to contractors was simply non-existent. I struggled to independently study and learn for myself straight from the OSHA regulations manual, consulted with OSHA inspectors and staff, and learned from them and other contractors.

I became such an expert in Construction Safety, helping other contractors (usually subs) with their safety issues, that I decided to start Omni Safety Services in 1993 with one goal - to provide safety services exclusively to the Construction Industry.

From 1993 to 1996, I co-published THE OSHA WARNING, a nationwide contractor's safety newsletter. From the newsletter, and from being a contributing writer to CONSTRUCTION MONTHLY MAGAZINE, I received so many calls asking for training and guest speaking that I now devote my time exclusively to safety training, seminars, and writing company safety plans.

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