Here are some recent comments in e-mail I've received.  I'm proud to say I've never had a return or even a dissatisfied customer in over 25 years of writing safety plans!  As a former contractor, I know the value of dealing fair and open with clients - upfront and NTE pricing, no hidden charges, and quick service.  Vic Sunshine
I got it thanks! You just saved me a bunch of time having to write one.
R. Waldron
Good Morning Vic

Just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU for your help last week with the RAV’s that I needed. I just got word back from ISN and everything was approved. Your documents are great to use and I appreciate your help finding exactly the right document when I was unsure. It is great to have someone as knowledgeable as you to turn to for help & assistance. You make my job so much easier.  Thanks again for everything. Have a Safe & Awesome day!!
C. Hampton
Thank you!  May I say, I have perfect scores in ISN thanks to you and your products. We are a small firm and you have truly made compliance more affordable. Just had to tell you how I felt and say thank you!
S. Mitchell


Hi Karen, I looked it up, and in Oct 2011 you purchased the Turn-Key package which entitles you to any future ISN-required downloads at no charge.  I originally conformed and submitted these to ISN for you, however there's no charge if you want to D.I.Y.     V. Sunshine  5/12/15
 Thank you so much I will conform and submit to ISN, I’ve gotten pretty good at it :)  Have a great day! K. Harris 


Thank you!  Also, we gave your name/e-mail to a colleague of ours, R****l from *** Services. Thanks again.  C. Hansen   


Thank you!!  Your sight and products are awesome – have been using them since 2009.   J. Groh 


 You are my hero!  Thanks Again  Patty  P Freels  



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