General Safety Conditions Program - ISNetworld RAVS Section - US - Mexico

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General Safety Conditions Program - ISNetworld RAVS Section - US - Mexico

This General Safety Conditions Program - Mexico (ISNetworld® RAVS®* Section), in addition to being a complete and functioning written safety program (chapter), it also contains all the required text elements that are sought by the ISNetworld RAVS® (Review And Verification Service) reviewer. This plan has been previously submitted and has achieved a 100% approval rating for our clients.

 All programs are guaranteed now and in the future to achieve 100% approval. 

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  • General Safety Conditions Program
  • Approximate Word Count: 2,740
  • Approximate Number of Pages: 8
  • Page Reference Answers to RAVS Reviewer’s Questions: 5

You will also receive instructions for a simple two-step process to place your company name and safety person's name throughout this word document to conform it to your company. Please review, and feel free to alter or add to it as you wish with any specific company information or safety policies that you may already have.

The first two pages of the document are guidelines for conforming this safety manual section, an index for completing the RAVS® questionnaire (with all page references), and uploading the section.

If you experience any difficulty filling out the questionnaire, or have any questions in general about these documents, call 314-570-0072, or e-mail me at


An excerpt from ISNetworld® RAVS®* Safety plan General Safety Conditions Program

It is the intent of Replace with Company Name to comply with all laws concerning the operation of the business and the health and safety of our employees and the public. To do this, we must constantly be aware of conditions in all work areas that can produce or lead to injuries. This is accomplished by frequent and regular inspections of job sites, materials, and equipment to be made by competent person. Formal, documented inspections (visual verifications) must be carried out every twelve months at the workplace, and can be done by areas, to identify unsafe conditions and repair the damage found. [1] The results of the verifications must be recorded through logs, magnetic means or in the verification minutes of the safety and health committee, which must be kept for one year and contain at least the dates on which the verifications were carried out, the name of the area of the work center that was reviewed and, where applicable, the type of unsafe condition found, as well as the type of repair performed. [2]

No employee is required to work at a job known to be unsafe or dangerous to their health. Your cooperation in detecting hazards, reporting dangerous conditions and controlling workplace hazards is a condition of employment. Inform your supervisor or the competent person immediately of any situation beyond your ability or authority to correct. Employees will not be disciplined or suffer any retaliation for reporting a safety violation in good faith.

Safety First Priority

The personal safety and health of each employee of Replace with Company Name is of primary importance. Prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illnesses is of such consequence that it will be given precedence over operating productivity. To the greatest degree possible, management will provide all mechanical and physical protection required for personal safety and health, but our employees must bear primary responsibility for working safely. A little common sense and caution can prevent most accidents from occurring.