Commercial Driving Program - ISNetworld RAVS Section - US/ Avetta

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Commercial Driving Program - ISNetworld RAVS Section - US

This Commercial Driving Program (ISNetworld® RAVS®* Section), in addition to being a complete and functioning written safety program (chapter), it also contains all the required text elements that are sought by the ISNetworld RAVS® (Review And Verification Service) reviewer. This plan has been previously submitted and has achieved a 100% approval rating for our clients. 

  • All programs are guaranteed now and in the future to achieve 100% approval. 
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You are downloading a MicroSoft® Word document file to your computer that is completely editable: 

  • Commercial Driving Program:
  • Approximate Word Count: 1,005
  • Approximate Number of Pages: 5

 You will also receive instructions for a simple two-step process to place your company name and safety person's name throughout this word document to conform it to your company. Please review, and feel free to alter or add to it as you wish with any specific company information or safety policies that you may already have.

The first two pages of the document are guidelines for conforming this safety manual section, an index for completing the RAVS® questionnaire (with all page references), and uploading the section.

If you experience any difficulty filling out the questionnaire, or have any questions in general about these documents, call 314-570-0072, or e-mail me at


An excerpt from ISNetworld® RAVS®* Safety plan Commercial Driving Program


Many employees operate company owned, leased, rental or personal vehicles as part of their jobs. Employees are expected to operate vehicles safely to prevent accidents which may result in injuries and property loss. It is the policy of Replace with Company Name to provide and maintain a safe working environment to protect our employees and the citizens of the communities where we conduct business from injury and property loss. The company considers the use of automobiles part of the working environment.  The company’s top management is committed to promoting a heightened level of safety awareness and responsible driving behavior in its employees. Our efforts and the commitment of employees will prevent vehicle accidents and reduce personal injury and property loss claims. This program requires the full cooperation of each driver to operate their vehicle safely and to adhere to the responsibilities outlined in the Motor Vehicle Safety Program. Elements of this program include:


         Assigning responsibilities at all levels of employment.

         Vehicle use and insurance requirements.

         Employee driver's license checks and identification of high risk drivers.

         Accident reporting and investigation.

         Company Accident Review Board.

         Vehicle selection and maintenance.

         Training standards.

         Safety regulations.


  1. Responsibility


            Management is responsible for successful implementation and on-going execution of this program. Supervisors and employees are responsible for meeting and maintaining the standards set forth in this program.